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HACK № 72: Dark Side of the PRISM



I have a few unorganized thoughts on this NSA scandal.  First of all, I’m shocked and appalled.  I just don’t understand how anyone can be surprised about this news.  I’m surprised that anyone wouldn’t assume that the government is using every means available to actively spy on its own people.  Maybe it’s because I heard about the data storage complex in Utah on the Joe Rogan Podcast almost a year ago.  I also heard about how you can’t remove an iPhone battery, and even if you turn it off it can still be remotely activated.  Maybe it’s because I read Chomsky in college, among other every other damn enlightening tome since the turn of the century.  Therefore, I’ve cultivated a healthy suspicion of all governments and power structures in general.




So it just makes no sense to me that any of this could be surprising.  What is surprising is the complete lack of motivation to do anything about it.  Heck, I broke the news to co-workers a couple days ago who still had no idea the story broke.  And it broke almost a month ago.  I told them about Snowden and the NSA PRISM program and all that jazz, then they went back to their drinks and idle conversation.  That’s how effective the propaganda machine has become come at engendering apathy.




Which leads me to my crazy-conspiracy connection.  If the media is filtered to the point where what gets through is what has been allowed to get through, then this story is no big deal.  It’s like they knew it would come out eventually but it’s also like a bully going, “Whatcya gonna do about it, wimp?”  In the long run they know it’s better that we do know they’re watching us.  What’s left to us, anyway?  Taking to the streets en masse?  Or just accepting the new paradigm and forever watching what we say and do because everyone is watching what we say and do?




One thing’s for sure, no matter what happens, it’s all transitional.  True communication is only possible between equals, to borrow a phrase from the venerated Robert Anton Wilson.    Which means that as we shift from ego-based separateness to a globally networked consciousness, there are going to be some hard decisions.  Privacy becomes luxury.  I always think of Frank Herbert’s Dune, or more specifically, the fourth and fifth books of the Dune series: Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse: Dune, respectively.  In that reality humans have evolved to the point of being psychically visible through something called prescience, a mental ability map out possible futures.  So technology has to be invented which essentially shields someone from detection.  Hence, the no-ship:  a city-sized sphere that’s impervious to prescience.




Insead of Free Speech Zones, picture Free Zones, domes of iniquity where anything goes and no one else needs to know.  For now though, we’re going to have to learn to live in a transparent reality.  For one thing, it means more honesty.  People will be me more honest, at first, because they’re forced to.  Nevertheless I can see some major evolutionary benefits to exposing corrupt information in the matrix, i.e. big lies.  I can also see many personal benefits to being honest about myself my interactions with others.  As scary as that may sound in the short term.

Secondly, with honesty comes more accountability, from the self via the collective.  It means I’m going to have to grow up, and so are you.  It means our governments will either adapt and mature or wither and collapse.  It means that the entire human race must face up to its choices.  We will understand that this collective moment is part of a continuum which involves long-term planning for our planet.

Finally, forgiveness.  We’re going to first have to forgive ourselves for being who we really are, dark side and all.  And we’re going to have to forgive others for same.  Because the awful truth is that we’re all fucked up or we’ve all fucked things up at one time or another.  Forgiveness means acceptance and that means we can focus on more important things than exposing what everyone does in private.  Confession:  I do weird dances to awesome whilst wearing my underwear.  There, I said it.  OK, you can insert that brain chip now.



Maybe all my One Love talk sounds too naive.  OK, so maybe it will turn into a dark science-fiction reality where technology is used to enslave the masses.  So be it.  Just please don’t come after me.  I have neither the intelligence to plot nor the fortitude for civil disobedience.  I’m more of an Observer.  If there was rioting in the streets, I’d be standing in an alley watching it all happen, occassionally checking my watch to see if it’s the future yet.  It’s also no good torturing me for information.  All I can tell you is the history and meaning of every Genesis song every recorded, which would probably be more torturous to you.




Anyway, you can begin to see how what’s happening now is only the beginning.  So it’s not that I’m for a government spying on its own people.  I’m not sure I’m for government at all, if what exists now is the best you can give me.  I am in favor of the potential for planetary evolution; our unified consciousness steering the celestial helm.  I could go on and on about the motivations for such fear-based intrusions into our privacy.  None of it surprises me.  Psychologically, it’s like giving a child the power of omniscience. The child isn’t ready to deal with the information and has no idea how to handle it responsibly.  Make no mistake about it.  Our governments and corporations, as collective meme-entities, are like children playing made up games in a world that’s slowly being turned into a sandbox.

No conclusion here.  I’ve been chewing on these thoughts for well nigh over a decade.  Every paragraph above has a separate perpetual diatribe attached. To sum up: It’s no surprise that they are spying on us. They ARE Us.  I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the PRISM.



Towel Boy watches the watcher who watches the watchers watch each other.

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  1. October 2, 2013    

    There is forgiving ourselves for who we really are, perhaps…. there is more forgiving ourselves for not knowing who we really, really are considering societal conditioning since birth. That’s where heightened doubt was born.

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